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Customer Spotlight – El Portal

A cozy Yucatán-style Mexican restaurant, El Portal has been one of the most popular spots in Pasadena for 25 years. They boast an enormous selection of 90 premium tequilas, plus new weekly cocktail and food creations that explore the unique flavors of the Yucatán. The El Portal restaurant family has two additional locations. Vanessa’s Cafe is a charming coffee shop located across from the main restaurant, and Yahaira’s Café is a casual Mexican cafe located next door to El Portal.

El Portal believes their food should reflect the authentic traditions, customs and flavors of the region. They like to say that their food is Yucatán cuisine with a Mexican influence. Achiote and annatto spices abound. Instead of corn husks, tamales are wrapped in banana leaves, giving a distinct and authentic Yucatán flavor.

El Portal is known for its Cochinita Pibil, slow oven roasted tender pork, marinated in achiote and lime and wrapped in banana leaves. A wonderful way to sample several flavors of the Yucatán Peninsula is El Portal’s Yucatán Trio. A taste of three authentic and popular dishes, the trio includes their signature Cochinita Pibil, one Yucatán style chicken tamale and Garlic Poc – Chuc, garlic-infused sliced pork with a savory tomato, onion, cilantro chutney.

California Linen Services provides El Portal with a complete line of restaurant linens and bar towels. When asked about the quality of service, they said, “California Linen Services always makes sure we have clean linens to operate every day. Restaurant owners/managers should call California Linen Services because they have great service and great prices.”

For more information, visit El Portal online here.

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