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Restaurant Apron Service

High Quality Restaurant Kitchen Aprons

With quality fabrics and sharp styles that are always fresh and clean, our apron and towel service is designed to make sense.

Variety of Style and Color

All aprons are Spun Polyester for the best feel, body, color retention and absorbency and available with pencil pocket and two lower book pockets. A variety of colors and styles make a perfect fit for any kitchen or delicatessen.

bib apron
Bib Apron
bistro apron
Bistro Apron
4-way apron
Four Way Apron
waist apron
Waist Apron

Bar Towel

This is no ordinary bar towel.

With our special front of the house towel, the Microtex® Eco Towel, you will wipe away more spills, dirt and grime with a product that is more efficient, more durable, more value-driven than ordinary cotton towels.
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Microtex® Eco Towel

Truly lint free! Super absorbent and durable.

Use wet or dry for all front of the house clean-up

Cotton Bar Towel

16″x19″, 32 oz/doz low pile cotton .

Heaviest and most absorbent bar towel in the market.

Grade A Utility

16″ x 27″ heavier face hand towel.

Bar towel or other all purpose cleanup towel.

Grade B Utility

Heavier face hand towel, dyed black.

Heavy duty cleanup towel. Use it and toss it.

Grill Pad

10″ x 15″ heavy duty pad.

Grill Cleaning.

Dish Towel

Osnaburg-type, 36″ x 24″, doublefilled, hemmed, twin green stripes.

Dish wipe and finish.

Glass Towel

16″ x 27″ red multi stripe towel.

Glass wipe and finish.

Huck Towel

15″ x 30″ all white.

Spill and general clean-up.