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Rental Floor Mat, Mop and Supply for Restaurants

Floor MatsOur service extends throughout the Los Angeles area and we have vast experience with the solutions our customers are looking for. Floor mats that match their requirements for appearance, cleanliness and function.

Rental Mats Work Best

Professionally serviced floor mats can catch at least 70% of the dust tracked into your facility. This is a benefit that pays back in terms of time and labor. More on how mats impact your bottom line


Carpet Mats

For a clean, fresh appearance and the most effective floor protection, ClassicMats and ClassicCarpets are unsurpassed.  Rich, dark background colors with bright, vibrant accent colors produce a new standard in mat beauty.

Carpet Mat

Logo Mats

Enhance the image of your business with a Classic Impression logo mat. No art charges or set up fees! Simply provide us with a business card with your logo on it and we will handle the rest!

Logo Mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Perfect for retail or commercial applications and for work in wet or dry environments.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Scrapper Mats

Durable 100% Nitrile Rubber mat Provides slide-resistant surface.

Scrapper Mat

Kitchen Mats

The perfect kitchen accessory! Liquids pass through, eliminating dangerous slip hazards. Anti-fatigue properties reduce strain from standing and improve productivity.

Kitchen Mat

Dust Mops

The Dust-Tex Mop is an engineered cleaning tool that does more – and does it better – than any other dust mop.

Dust Mop

Wet Mops

The looped ends on our wet mops significantly add to their life and performance.

Wet Mop

Air Fresheners

The TCell odor management system provides continuous fragrance to keep restrooms smelling clean and fresh.

Air Freshener

Bathroom Tissue and Towel

Good looking and top performing dispensers and paper product.

Bathroom Tissue

Lotion Hand Soap

A great all purpose hand soap that is tough on dirt, yet gentle to the hands. Provides instant sudsing and fresh clean fragrance Tough, yet visually appealing dispenser offers high capacity, drip-free dispensing. “Push” handle reinforces mounting with each use.

Hand Soap