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Testimonials From Our Customers

Whether it’s restaurant table linens, towels, mats, mops, chef coats, cook shirts, cook pants, butcher coats, or other supplies, we consider it a priviledge to serve our customers and we value their feedback.

I felt that it was time to contact you directly and let you know that Linda has tremendously improved my already excellent experience with California Linen.

Her customer service skills are way above par. She is very accommodating, pleasant, and reactive to any last minute requests for linen and/or invoicing problems. She has been pro-active with all of our needs here at the VHC.

I can only hope that she stays with California Linen for a very long time. You have a keeper!

Scott Dienhart
Banquet Maitre ‘d
The Valley Hunt Club

As a family owned business in Pasadena since 1920, we at Mijares Mexican Restaurant prefer to use other local family owned businesses such as California Linen Services. California Linen has been family owned and operated for the past 73 years. They are always willing to support the community with their donations and to accommodate our needs with last minute linen requests.

This type of personalized service you will not find with other linen companies in the community.

Linda Knoll
Mijares Mexican Restaurant

Since we started using the Microfiber towel provided by your company my staff has been raving about the soft feel, absorbency, non-abrasive fabric, flexibility and many more attributes I can’t think of now. We used to use your heavy weight bar towel with the orange stripe and we’ve replaced all 5,000 per week with this microfiber towel. The improvement in quality makes me look like a genius to our staff.

Spencer Sanderson
Vice President
Green Cuisine


We are always proud to hear our team is providing quality service.

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Brian O’Neil

Brian, the oldest son of our founding father, James O’Neil, has been working here since 1960 and President since 1976.
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