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California Linen Services is an active member of the following organizations.

Textile Rental Services

Textile Rental Services Association of America

California Linen Service is a proud member of TRSA. Our company President, Brian O’Neil, served on the Board of Directors for 6 consecutive years.

Who is TRSA?
TRSA is the world’s largest textile rental industry association representing more than 1,000 industrial laundry facilities in 24 countries. The membership of TRSA represents a cross-section of the industry: including some of the world’s largest textile rental companies, along with numerous mid-size and one-plant operations.

TRSA’s Mission
It is TRSA’s mission to advance the professionalism of its members and promote their success through government advocacy, education, marketing and business enhancing services. TRSA is committed to addressing the changing needs of the industry, and our members, while striving to surpass industry standards by uniting members through a progressive organization.

Association Goals

  1. Present the industry’s position to the government. This objective is accomplished by TRSA acting as a resource to government for appropriate legislation and regulation, lobbying to encourage the government to accept the industry’s position, and protecting the industry from adverse legislation and regulation.
  2. Provide education services. These services encompass a wide range of information and include documenting and making available the accumulated knowledge and experience of the industry through publications, videotapes,and online seminars.
  3. Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas. This goal includes providing opportunities for vendors or competitors to meet to discuss mutual problems and make potential customer contacts, keeping members informed of new developments in the industry, and forecasting future problems to be faced by the industry.
  4. Encourage the industry to learn and respond to customer needs. This target includes providing market information on needed services by market segments as well as the need for new products and services; helping the industry respond to customer needs in order to capture a larger share of customers’ dollars spent on relevant functions (that is, rental vs. disposables or do-it-yourself or do without); and assist members in improving sales volume and penetration of markets through sales training, customer retention and online seminars and programs.

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CSC Network

CSC Network

In 1979, a group of independent business owners united in a common vision. Their commitment was to help textile service companies like theirs operate more competitively and profitably. To achieve their goal, they organized a purchasing association now known as CSCNetwork.

CSCNetwork is more than a buying group and more than a marketing alliance. CSC is the best resource any independently owned and operated industrial launderer can access to compete more effectively. That is why they work with chosen vendors to get California Linen Services and their customers the best products, and pricing our industry has to offer!

To help us compete more effectively in the local markets, CSCNetwork also provides a wide array of training programs in areas of sales, service, management, and production. California Linen Services’ ongoing participation in these training programs shows its commitment to consistently provide quality products and unbeatable service to its customers

These innovative resources provide California Linen Services with the purchasing power of a national chain along with the personal service associated with a locally owned independent company like yours!

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California Restaurant Association

California Restaurant Association

As the oldest restaurant association in America with more than 100 years experience, the CRA offers industry insiders unparalleled insight into the state’s vibrant restaurant and hospitality industries. We constantly strive to simultaneously improve the restaurant business and to breed the next generation of food service leaders, ensuring the future of this vital industry.

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Laundry ESP

Laundry ESP

The primary goal of LaundryESP is to facilitate the textile service and supply industry’s continued commitment to environmental protection through the use of new and innovative approaches. LaundryESP is designed to build on the industry’s existing strengths of recycling and reusability and its more efficient use of resources (water, energy and wash chemicals) when compared to home laundering.

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Pasadena Chamber of Commerce

The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and Civic Association

The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and Civic Association is a dynamic professional business organization. Since its founding as the Board of Trade in 1888, the Chamber has played a major role in the development of our internationally renowned city. In the 21st century, the Chamber’s primary purpose remains supporting the prosperity of our members and enhancing of the business climate and quality of life in Pasadena, California.

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