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How Our Linen Service Works

  • Your sales representative will work with you to establish an inventory based on your weekly linen needs and projected usage.
  • Your inventory consists of what is being delivered, what is on your shelf, what is in use, and what is being picked up soiled.
  • We deliver based on a weekly rotating cycle. For example, what is picked up on Wednesday this week will be processed and sent back to you the following Wednesday.
  • Your soiled items are placed in laundry bags, picked up by your route service representative and tagged with a bar-coded label that identifies your account number.
  • These bags are then brought back to our plant for processing.
  • We use a state of the art soil counting system provided by Automation Dynamics. Our soil counters select each individual item by hand and feeds it into the computerized count station. The soil count station counts each item and sends the item down a conveyor to be sorted into a specific wash category. The office then prints out a packing list for your next delivery.
  • Invoices are then generated through our billing system using these counts. The amount counted from the soil bag indicates the amount you will receive on your next delivery.

Weekly Minimums and Charges

  • Minimums are the least amount that you will be billed for each week. The minimum for each item is calculated by the minimum percentage multiplied by the inventory for that particular item. If you return less than the minimum, you will be billed for at least the minimum amount. Consistently using less than the minimum amount indicates that you may need to reduce your inventory quantity. Simply inform your route service representative and we will reduce your inventory by picking up unused, clean items on your shelf. We will gladly credit your account for any unused, clean items that we pick up.
  • The Environmental Charge covers the cost of waste water sewer charges, water, natural gas, and power.
  • The Bar Towel Replacement is a weekly automatic replacement of 2% of the bar towel inventory. Bar towels are the most commonly damaged and misused item. This automatic replacement ensures that you have sufficient bar towels on hand. These extra towels are added to your delivery; however, they are not added to your inventory. If you accumulate more bar towels than what is in your inventory, simply inform your route service representative and we will buy these towels back.
  • The Total Protection Plan is a charge of 5% of your total invoice (excluding bar towels and environmental charge). This insurance plan covers you for the replacement cost of any misused or lost item in your inventory (excluding bar towels).
  • We take pride in providing our customers with straightforward billing and invoicing. Click here to see how to read your invoice.

“I felt that it was time to contact you directly and let you know that Linda has tremendously improved my already excellent experience with California Linen.”
-Scott Dienhart
Banquet Maitre ‘d
The Valley Hunt Club
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customer service manager

Linda Harman
Customer Service/ Office Manager

Linda is our customers’ main contact. She and her service team are responsible for all the daily office activities that impact our customers.  “I’ve been in customer service for over 15 years and helping people is what I truly enjoy. Hands-on, old fashion, personal service is my approach to working with our customers”. In her free time Linda loves spending time with her four sons.
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