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ComfortFlow Floor Mats

The perfect kitchen accessory! Liquids pass through, eliminating dangerous slip hazards. Anti-fatigue properties reduce strain from standing and improve productivity.

  • Beveled edges meet the standards set in the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Fully launderable mat that performs great as an anti-fatigue mat with the added qualities of a flow-through mat in wet or dry environments.
  • Constructed of 100% Nitrile Rubber for superior grease and oil resistance.
  • Anti-microbial treated to guard against degradation from micro-organisms and minimizes mats being a source of odors.
  • Provides excellent anti-fatigue properties for added employee comfort and improved ergonomics.
  • ComfortFlow mats are ideal for kitchens and food processing areas, behind bars, walk-in freezers, work stations, heavy industrial anti-fatigue mats, machine shops, locker rooms areas and more!
  • Anti-static for use around sensitive electronic equipment.
  • ComfortFlow mats are certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.
  • Standard Size 3’x5′
Comfortflow mat
kitchen floor mat