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Customer Spotlight – Zov’s Bistro

Zov’s Bistro is a business built on love—love of food, family and community, for over three decades. For the Zov’s family, it’s been a wonderful 33 years, and they are looking forward to many more to come.

Founded in 1987 by Chef Zov Karamardian, Zov’s Bistro and Bakery serves her unique contemporary Mediterranean cuisine in an upscale chic environment. Zov’s now has locations in Anaheim, Irvine and Newport Beach, in addition to their Tustin flagship restaurant. A culinary institution in north Orange County, Zov’s is best known for a creative California Mediterranean menu, an award-winning bakery, and superb hand-crafted cocktails.

Guests love to sip on Zov’s Cucumber Mint Fresca Martini and share their Eggplant Fries appetizer. They also recommend Zov’s signature Lentil Soup as a starter, the Kebob Two Way Entrée, followed by the Ridiculous Sundae for dessert. Some call it “the perfect meal.” When asked about his personal favorite menu item, Zov’s son, Armen Karamardian says, “Lately I can’t get enough of our Lamb Burger!”

Zov’s is a family business, and guests are welcomed in like family, too. Armen explained, “I love having face-time with our guests. When I walk around our Tustin location, I can’t help but stop and say hi to the new faces and the faces that have been here since we opened.” He enjoys hearing about the people in their community and how their families are doing. “It’s something I feel keeps us all tight-knit, and it brings a smile to my face that we can provide a space for this to happen.”

When asked about the service Zov’s receives from California Linen Services, he explained how after working for many years with a larger linen company, they switched to California Linen Services. Armen described their satisfaction saying, “California Linen is a joy to work with. We could not be happier with their customer service; they take great pride in what they do!”

He went on to explain how California Linen provides Zov’s with the peace of mind you get when you work with a vendor that is true to their word. Asked if Zov’s would recommend California Linen, Armen said “California Linen has consistently delivered for us since day one. You will be happy with your decision. It’s a no brainer.”

For more information, please visit Zov’s Bistro online here

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