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Customer Spotlight – Gus’s BBQ

California Linen Service is proud to feature Gus’s BBQ, a family-run, Southern-style barbecue restaurant with locations in Pasadena and Claremont. What’s on the menu at Gus’s BBQ? St. Louis spare ribs and Southern hospitality, their specialties since they opened in April 2008.

Before they even walk through the door at Gus’s, customers are greeted by the smell of perfectly smoked meat. And when they enter the restaurant, they’re greeted with Gus’s genuine Southern hospitality. Gus’s has some of the kindest, warmest people working for them, and it shows.

One of their special dishes is a platter of gargantuan beef ribs that look like they came out of a Flintstones episode. Gus’s slow-roasts them in their massive wood smoker until they’re super tender and full of flavor. They’re only made on Mondays, so it’s something special to look forward to.

Gus’s is run by family. Chris and John Bicos are brothers who grew up in their family’s burger joint, The Original Tops, which is still in the family. They’ve done every job and you can still sometimes catch them on the grill if there’s a rush.

Gus’s says California Linen is a lifesaver when running a restaurant. “When juggling so many things, it’s wonderful to have a service like California Linen that is consistent, reliable, and smooth. It makes our staff work even better and clears our to-dos so we can focus on our hospitality. Not to mention the gallons of BBQ sauce they have gotten out of our linens, they do stain-removal magic! California Linen has consistency, quality of work, and a great team.”

So for fantastic pit-style BBQ and serving of true Southern hospitality, visit Gus’s BBQ. And don’t worry about getting sauce on the napkins; we’ll take of the mess. If you’d like to know more about Gus’s BBQ, visit

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